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Areas and Localities of Akbarpur

Localities of AkbarpurAkbarpur city in Ambedkar Nagar district is one of the most popular cities in its district. Being the district headquarters, the city operates many government agencies, shopping centers, non-government agencies and so on. The areas and localities in the city are Vijay Gaon, Navatariya Mustfabad, Nasirpur, Bahavddihpur, Ravi Pur, Gadayan, Maha Nagar Colony, Gandhi Nagar, Mohsin Pur, Muradabad Mohalla, Meeranpur, Meerahpur Deada, Shahzad Pur, Fatehpur Pakari, Ahalada and Panda Tola. All these localities in this part of Uttar Pradesh are well connected and are easily accessible from any part of the city.


The Nasirpur locality is one of the most important areas in the city which is situated on the top corner of Akbarpur. Nasirpur homes the District Magistrate office and the Akbarpur airport which marks its importance. This particular area is visited by numerous people from all parts of the district daily. The NH 232 and Akbarpur to Baskhari road run through Nasirpur area. The Vijay Gaon locality comes under Nasirpur area.

Muradabad Mohalla and Shahzad Pur

The Muradabad Mohalla locality in Akbarpur is also one of the very important localities of the city as it homes the Akbarpur railway station and the head post office. For this reason this locality is visited by numerous people daily and the locality is very strong in its transport system. The NH 232 and UP SH 9A run through the locality. Popular landmarks in Muradabad Mohalla are State Bank of India, Hotel Sai Plaza, R D Lodge, Gomti restaurant and Baba Shyam Conveyors. The Shahzad Pur locality in Akbarpur, on the border of UP SH 5, is very popular for mosques namely, Abdullahpur masjid, Dalal Mohallah masjid, Shahzapur Purab Traf masjid, Jama Masjid, Dhukri Talle masjid, Shahjahanpur masjid and Qadari Maulana Gali masjid.

Bahavddihpur, Meerahpur Deada and Meerapur

The Bahavddihpur locality is another most important locality in Akbarpur as it homes the residences of many important government officials who are working in Akbarpur like the District Judge residence, judicial officer’s residence and the Akbarpur police station. The locality is accessible through NH 232. The Meerahpur Deada locality of Akbarpur is very popular for Masjids as it mosques, namely Akbarpur masjid, Meerahpur Deada Mosque and Bada Imambada masjid. This locality forms its border with Nh 232 and UP SH 30. Shalimar marriage hall is one of the well known landmarks of this locality. The Meeranpur locality on the borders of Nawab Yousuf Road is popular for Gayatri temple, Kila Masjid, Neelgiri guest house and Hotel Swapnil.

Other localities in Akbarpur

The Maha Nagar Colony in Akbarpur is located alongside NH 232 and it is popular for Bajrang Bali Mandir. The street way road and the Eltefatganj Akbarpur road run through this locality. The Gandhi Nagar locality of the city forms its border with the NH 232, State Highway and Shastri Nagar colony road. This locality is very popular for its ancient Hanuman Mandir. The Mohsin Pur locality in the city is located below Gandhi Nagar locality. The LIC Gali road and Mohsin Pur colony road run through this locality. The Ramabai Nagar locality is popular for its Shiv Mandir. The Ahalada locality in the bottom of the city is located on the border of NH 232 and UP SH 9A. It is through this locality the MDR 113E joins UP SH 5.

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