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Akbarpur Transport ServicesAkbarpur city is the district headquarters of Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. The city has very strong transport facilities as it offers the tourists and travellers a good transportation service through roadways, railways and airways.

Akbarpur Railway Station

Akbarpur railway station is one of the major means of transport for the locals to reach the neighboring districts of Akbarpur. It is also called as the Akbarpur junction railway station. The station has broadgauge lines and it is a standard on-ground station. The station is owned by the Ministry of Railways. It is sited very close to the Akbarpur bus station, hotels, taxi stand and auto stand.

The Akbarpur railway station has the station code “ABP” and it operates under the Northern Railway zone. The station has Lucknow as its junction. The station is one of the very important railway stations between the state capital Lucknow and Varanasi railway line. The station has 3 platforms with single railway track. The station is close to Tanda city where the Tanda thermal power plant - NTPC operates. A single railway track connects the Tanda NTPC and the main line of Akbarpur railway station. This track is used only for goods trains that carry coal and other products to the Tanda NTPC and Tanda city. Till date only goods trains run between Akbarpur and Tanda, while Indian Railways is planning to operate passenger trains also between these two cities.

Nearly 35 express trains halt at this junction. The trains from the station connect Akbarpur with its many major cities in Uttar Pradesh like Varanasi, Lucknow, Faizabad, Mughalsarai, Azamgarh, Kanpur, Gonda, Bareilly, etc. The express trains from the junction also links the city with many of the states like West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Assam. Very few express trains and passenger trains operate all days in a week and all the trains stop only for 2 minutes at Akbarpur Railway Station.

The baggage check facility is not available at the station and it is not yet electrified. The Indian Railways is planning to rebuild the station and this proposal is already under consideration by the Ministry of Railways. Ample parking area is available at the station. The other facilities provided at the station are refreshment counter, ATM, waiting rooms, baggage room, retiring room and many more.

Akbarpur Railway Station: Ramabai Nagar, Akbarpur, Uttar Pradesh- 224122

The major railway station close to the city is Basti railway station 55 km away from Akbarpur. The other nearby railway stations are Jafargani railway station 10 km away, Katahri railway station 12 km away and Malipur railway station 21 km away from the city.

The station is very close to many quality hotels. Hotel Sai Plaza, a budget luxury hotel in Akbarpur is just 0.2 km away from the station which takes just 3 minutes of walk from the station. The other best hotels near the station are Hotel Prakash, Abha Hotel, Hotel Ramprastha and Akash Yatri Niwas hotel.

Akbarpur Airport

akbarpur AirportAkbarpur airport is a public airstrip which consists of a runway and aircraft fuelling equipment. It is a small airport with “VI90” as its local code and GPS code, 733 is the world area code of the airport. The airport is owned by the Akbarpur administration. The airstrip serves Akbarpur and its neighbouring Tanda city. The airport is elevated at a height of 288 feet above sea level which is about 88 meters and has its coordinates at 26° 26' 49 North latitude and 82° 34' 07 East longitude. The airport is looked after by the AAI, Airport Authority of India that comes under Ministry of Civil Aviation. The airstrip runway is in 11/29 direction on Asphalt surface with 4260 X 75 feet in length which is 1298 X 23 meters. 4054 is the runway code of Akbarpur airport. The airport operates no scheduled flights as it is mostly used by private planes and chartered planes.

Akbarpur Airport: Nasirpur, Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar-224122
Landmark: Near National highway 232

Private Aircrafts at Akbarpur airport

At Akbarpur airport, for private aircrafts one has to pay the landing and renting fees. To land a private aircraft at Akbarpur airport the private aircraft owner has to get permission from the directorate. Fee has to be paid to the state government of Uttar Pradesh for using the airstrip, which is used for training. The government also allows cross-country flying for private aircrafts at the airport. For first two days parking is free. The airport also has ample of vehicle parking facility.

Pilot Training

The airstrip is mostly used by private institutions like pilot training institutions and aircraft mechanical engineering institutions for pilot training. In 2003, the Uttar Pradesh government decided to allow film shooting on this airstrip at a nominal rate of Rs 200 for landing and Rs 1000 for shooting per day. But till date the venue was not used by any for shooting.

Nearby Airports

The other major airports near the city are Gorakhpur airport at 109 km, Varanasi airport 127 km away, Bamrauli airport 152 km away and Amausi airport 187 km away from Akbarpur. The railway station is located at just 4.4 km distance from the Akbarpur airport and it can be reached in 5 minutes. The airport has access to all means of local transportation service like car, taxi, auto and bus. The Akbarpur bus station is located 2.9 km away from the airport which can be reached in just 3 minutes.

Hotels near Akbarpur Airport

Surrounding the airport there are many quality hotels for stay that also provide good food service. The hotels nearby are Hotel Sai Plaza at just 4 km away, Neelgiri guest house at 4.5 km away and Swapnil hotel 4 km away all located within Akbarpur city itself and all can be reached in just 4 minutes journey from the airport via cab/taxi.

National Highways in Akbarpur

Many national and state highways run through the city, all these highways connect the city with the major cities in Uttar Pradesh. The national highway NH 232 runs from top to bottom of the city. All the state highways and main roads in the city get them linked with NH 232 at various localities of Akbarpur. The NH 232 links Ambedkar Nagar district with its neighbouring Tanda and Banda districts passing through Akbarpur. The NH 232 enters the city from the Nasirpur locality of Akbarpur and runs through Vijay Gaon, Ravi Pur, Bahavddihpur, Patel Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Mohsin Pur, Muradabad Mohalla and Shahzad Pur localities of the city. In Shahzad Pur the highway links itself with the Nawab Yousuf road. The NH 232 connects the city with its neighbouring localities of Daher Pur, Ariya, Kashmiriya, Sakrawal and Qasba.

State Highways in Akbarpur

The state highways UP SH 9A, UP SH 5 and UP SH 30 run through the city. The UP SH 5 is on Lumbini to Duddhi Marg road that connects Akbarpur with its neighbouring districts of Basti, Mirzapur, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Sidhartha Nagar, Sonbhadra and Jaunpur. This highway runs alongside NH 232 from Nasirpur till Shahzad Pur and from where its leaves the city at Panda Tola locality. The UP SH 9A enters the city at the Ahalada locality from where it crosses the Fatehpur Pakari locality and gets linked with NH 232 at Shahzad Pur locality. The UP SH 9A also called as Akbarpur to Mahrua to Katka Marg road connects Ambedkar Nagar district with Sultanpur district passing through Akbarpur. The UP SH 30 or the Bahraich-Faizabad-Sitapur Mard road runs alongside UP SH 5 from Shahzad pur locality till Panda Tola locality. This highway connects the city with its neighbouring districts of Faizabad, Gonda, Bahraich and Azamgarh.

Major Roads in Akbarpur

Nawab Yousuf road, Akbarpur to Baskhari road, Akbarpur to Jalalpur road, Amsin Akbaarpur road, Eltefatganj to Akbarpur road and district roadways 113E are the major roads running through the city. All these roads get themselves linked with the national and state highways passing through Akbarpur. The Nawab Yousuf road connects Akbarpur with its nearby cities of Maya Bazar, Jaunpur, Goshainganj, Malipur and Shahganj. The Nawab Yousuf road connects NH 232 in Shahzab Pur locality. The Akbarpur to Jalalpur road enters the city in Panda Tola locality where it gets connects with UP SH 30 and UP SH 5. The major district roadway 113E enters the city in Jairam Verma Nagar locality and passes through Ahalada locality where it links itself with Nawab Yousuf road. The Akbarpur to Baskhari road enters the city on Navatariya Mustfabad locality and it run through Afajalpur, Narispur, Aueiya Pur, Patel Nagar locality and in Patel Nagar locality it gets connected with NH 232. The Amsin to Akbarpur road enters the city in Meerah Pur Deada locality and gets connected with Nawab Yousuf road. The Eltefatganj to Akbarpur road enters city in Maha Nagar colony and runs through Ushrahwa locality to get connected with NH 232.

Main Roads in Akbarpur

The other main roads in the city that runs between various localities of the city are Shastri Nagar colony road, Shahzadpur road, Gadayan road, Mohsinpur colony and LIC gali road.

Car Hire in Akbarpur

The car hire agencies in the city provides rental cars for tour and travel. Here is the detailed list of car hire agencies in Akbarpur.

Singh & Sons Travels
Village & Post Jamukalan
Mahuruwa Jaitoopur Marg
Mahuruwa Gola
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122
Phone no.: 9161676580, 9890743301

Shagun Travels
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122
Phone no.: 936703656, 05271-246785
Landmark: Near B N Inter College

Bus Servies in Akbarpur

The Akbarpur bus station in the city operates public, private and UPSRTC buses to travel within and to the neighbouring districts of Ambedkar Nagar.

Akbarpur Bus Station
Street, Mohsin Pur
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122

Tehsil Chauraha Bus Stop
Nawab Yousuf Road
Muradabad Mohalla
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122

Chanwa Chauraha Bus Stop
MDR 113E, Son Gaon
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122

Transporters in Akbarpur

The Transporters in the city aid their customers in shifting logistics from one address to another. Here is the detailed list of Transporters in Akbarpur.

Sidhi Vinayak Transport Co.
Pahitipur Road
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122
Phone no.: 8009424665
Landmark: Near Richhumal Bhatta

Jalalpur India Goods Carrier Transport
Krishna Nagar Colony
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122
Phone no.: 9432254998

Heena Mail
Dostpur Road
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122
Phone no.: 9935486564

Om Enterprises
Chungi Naka
Bangaon Road
Akbarpur, Ambedkar Nagar - 224122
Phone no.: 8005111444

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