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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Akbarpur Pincode / Post Office Search (AMBEDKAR NAGAR, Uttar Pradesh)

Adampur Tiloni B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur H.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur S.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Asgawan B.O 224141AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ashapur B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bahorikpur B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bankegaon B.O 224201AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Baramadpur Lohra B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Barapur B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Barehta B.O 224195AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Basohari B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bewain B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bewan B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhadar B.O 224132AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhikharipur B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhiti S.O 224132AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Bhuganiyapur B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Chakiya B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Chiotipara B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Chitoi B.O 224145AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Daridiha B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Daudpur B.O 224210AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Dharamganj B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Gauriyapur B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Gujraai B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Haridaspur B.O 224143AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Hiri Pakaria B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Jafarganj S.O 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Jagdishpur B.O 224172AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Jaitpur Nidhiyawan B.O 224141AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Jamu Kalan B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Jhindaura B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kadipur Khas B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kalhuwa Kaura B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Karosa B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Katariya Yaqubpur B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Katehari S.O 224151AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Keotahi B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kotwa Mohamadpur B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kudia Chitauna B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Kurcha B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Lalpur B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Lalpur R.S. B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Lodipur B.O 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Lorpur B.O 224235AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Madhupur B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Maharajganj B.O 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Maharuwa Gola S.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Makhdumsarai B.O 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Manauri Samaisa B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mansapur B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mathani B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mati B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Maya S.O 224161AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Meerpur Sheikhpur B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mijhaura S.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mokhakhurd B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mubarakpur Daiyadeeh B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mundehra B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Mustafabad B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Narharpur B.O 224231AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Nasirpur B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Pahitipur S.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Pakhanpurbichaila B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Purebadalhi B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Pyare Pur B.O 224151AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rambaba B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Jaisingh B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Mungradilla B.O 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rampursakarwari B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rathigaon B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Ratna B.O 224125AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rudaupur B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Rurwahar B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Saidapur B.O 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Saidpur Bhitari B.O 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Samar Singhpur B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Sariyapur B.O 209101AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Saya B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Seehmaikarirat B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Shikrohar B.O 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Songaon B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Subhakarpur B.O 224168AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Surapur S.O 224227AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Tajpur B.O 224122AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Tara Khurd B.O 224146AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Tewaripur Sabna B.O 224152AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
U.P.S.S. Mill S.O 224235AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Udharna B.O 224205AkbarpurUttar Pradesh

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